BRIZRI DESIGN is a smart and digital agency, based and registered in Lawrenceville, GA. We specialize in the two most mutual aspects of digital marketing; web design and social management. Born out of the dream of making online businesses better and seamless for business owners, Sandra Clay started as a sketch lover in her kindergarten days and was able to nurture the dream for so many years. This gave birth to this agency today.

AT BRIZRI DESIGN, we are dedicated to transforming horrible online experiences into exceptional success for business owners. Our team comprises of vibrant young minds that are versatile and professionals in what they do; empowering business owners with beautiful websites and social media marketing strategies that drive more engagement and conversion.
We are trusted by many reputable brands and we’ve been happy to forge long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s leading businesses. Our solutions are just beyond the casual. We work towards ruling the competition and that’s what our team members are trained to focus on. We have the secret key.